First and foremost, congratulations on deciding to build your home. Now is definitely the time to do it. Everyone’s hungry for work, you’ll get the best “bang for your buck”, and good customer service…

Regarding Pemberton… I HIGHLY RECOMMEND using him. Some architects don’t like to budge to a customer’s needs. Sometimes their egos get in the way, and don’t like to change to the customer’s desires (so I’ve heard)… Not Mark, he’s flexible. Mark will take all your inputs, and most likely incorporate them. He’ll also be honest with you if your inputs present problems, ir if your idea presents an architectural/artistic conflict (I am so glad we trusted his understanding of classic/timeless architecture). He’s very good at combining multiple local building codes, town ordinances, and other various restrictions on property "buildable" areas.

He was very helpful during construction. Many times I needed his input regarding color matching, stucco style, material selection, etc… And he was very helpful with that. I discovered that he really wants to see your home built properly; the way he envisions the final product (It’s actually in his best interest; and he truly enjoys quality architecture)… each home he’s designed is quite unique. He has enough experience and a database of ideas to match your neeeds. The homes I’ve seen Pemberton put together are awesome. We’re very happy with how our home turned out.

Mark E.

We were given Mark’s name through a contractor friend. Mark came to our house and listened to our vague thoughts and desires of what we wanted from our home renovation. He sat listening and never took a note. He came back two weeks later with a plan that blew us away. We asked him how he was able to do that and he stated je just listened to us and painted a picture in his head of what we wanted. Our renovation was everything we dreamed of and more!

He managed to design a space that provides both a resful and spiritual experience. It soothes all of our senses. We see the water, wood, stone, and landscaping. We hear the water feature and the sounds of the breeze through the bamboo. We now have a wonderful haven from the outside world. We planned the renovation with entertaining in mind but end up spending the time have peaceful family time. It is like living in an upscale resort. We haven’t taken a trip since the space was completed. Thanks Mark!

Linda L.

Just a quick note to say how nice it has been working with you on this last oceanfront project. As with past projects we have worked on together, your design professionalism has produced another satisified client for both of us. Keep up with the great design ideass and the detailed construction drawings. From a builder’s perspective, your team approach to the construction process and attention to detail is very much appreciated.

Chuck G.

It was a pleasure working with Mark on the design of our new home. His ability to listen and understand our vision producted the design we were both looking for. Mark was attentive and enthusistic all the way through the construction process, cimmunicating well with Chuck Gittner, our builder.

The results speak for themselves. I would not hesitiate in recommending him to others.

Tom M.

We had an excellent experience creating our dream home with Mark Pemberton. Mark proved to be a tremendous asset as an extremely creative and talented designer as well as a visionary through the design phase of our house plans. By taking what ideas and notes we already had, Mark was extremely skilled at listening to exactly what we wanted, as well as keeping us within a certain budget and square footage, and created our home as if he saw what we imagined with our own minds.

Mark’s attention to detail was extraordinary and it is one of the many things that set him apart from other designers in the area. We are so pleased and happy with how our beautiful home turned out and could not have asked for a better experience during the creative process. We highly recommend using Mark, no matter what size your dream!

David and Rahna S.

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